Message of Mr. Director–General.

 On the occasion of the launch of the Central Anti-Corruption Office (C.A.C.O) new website, I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings and sincere best wishes to all staff members of the Office. I also take this opportunity to congratulate them for the unprecedented qualitative results they have achieved during the last months, despite the exceptional health situation related to COVID-19 that has touched our country and the entire world.

There is no doubt that you all realize the importance and weight of the responsibility entrusted to us. Fighting corruption is not an ordinary task, rather it is a noble national mission and heavy responsibility that we hold, and it is also a permanent test of our consciences and a daily challenge to our determination that requires a high degree of commitment, competence and effectiveness in order to be at the level of difficulties that we face.

It is certainly not my purpose in these few words to talk about the effects of corruption and its negative repercussions on the stability and development of the state and society. But I think it is necessary to emphasize that if you are fully performing your duty, with all objectivity and impartiality. It will be a significant contribution from you in limiting the effects of this scourge and consolidating values of integrity, justice and equality. As well as, fighting the culture of impunity, which would establish the foundations of the rule of law, provide social peace conditions and sustained economic development.

Achieving this goal is only possible through our awareness of responsibilities , our full commitment to what professional duties dictate to us, and our involvement in the dynamics of global change, that public authorities seek to achieve and that our citizens aspire to.

In the end, I would like to wish you all success and pray God to save our people, protect and bless our country with security and prosperity.